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    About Ride Grinnell

    Like most people, I have loved driving since I was very young.  My travel experiences include millions of miles throughout the years driving cars and Semis.  I am extremely courteous and safe on the road and always look far ahead to make sure my response to an emergency can be smooth and responsible.  I have operated Semis, vans, buses, Limos, and cars.  Give me a call and let me get you to where you are going safe and sound.

    I perform local and long-distance pickup and deliveries.

    On numerous occasions, I have picked up people to be transferred from one airport to another.  It is a simple as a phone call.

    Do you require that special touch?  I am here for you.  Just give me a call, tell me what you require, and let's see the magic happen.  I never promise what I cant provide.


    Want to hear what they have to say about my driving skills?

    "Walter was very helpful on my trip to Cedar Rapids.  Never being to Iowa before,   Walter made me feel at home and even gave me advice on some of the perks to being in such a friendly state."


    "I almost never use ride-share, but with drivers like Walter, I may start using it more.  I do not make a good passenger, but I felt safe, especially with his cautious driving."


    "I don't have Uber or Lyft.  I personally do not like those types of services.  I do know Walter as he has given me rides from time to time from Grinnell to the Des Moines Airport.  Great driver."