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Grinnell, IA  50112

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    I provide the cleanest Van possible.  I treat my vehicle like my home, clean and comfortable.

    Ride Service

    I have enough room for six people without luggage, five people with luggage.  Excellent sound system, DVD system, water, and snacks.

    Airport Transfer

    Need a ride to the Airport?  Need to be picked up?  I am just a phone call away.


    Do you need your children transported safely and securely?  I am your guy.  I have had TSA, FBI and local sheriff background checks.

    VIP Service

    Do you need that VIP treatment?  I have driven Limos in the past and I am highly trained on the do's and do not's in the VIP world.  You will feel like a million bucks.



    If you have Uber just open the app and request a ride.  If no cars are available, call my number and see If I am available.

    Long Distance

    I do long trips for people all the time.  If you have Uber use the app, if not give me a call.

    Flat Rates

    Depending on my schedule and your needs I may be able to accommodate you with a special price on a long trip.